ESI DMC Armenia offers a great range of services for your conference or any kind of meeting and event:

  • Creation of unique event products
  • Venue Sourcing and Management
  • Registration and Database Management
  • Interpretation Equipment
  • Exhibition stands and related equipment
  • IT solutions and management for events
  • Stage construction and decoration
  • Sign board construction and decoration
  • Event Promotion and Advertising
  • Development of PR activities & materials
  • Banners and any kind of visibility materials design and production
  • On-site business center/help desk/registration desk operation
  • On-site secretarial/clerical services and event registration
  • Host/hostess and hospitality management services
  • Courier services / invitation delivery and event pre-registration management
  • Audio-Visual Requirements (including Audio-visual equipment)
  • Event webcasting
  • Photo and Video shooting/recording
  • Entertainment and Music
  • Event Lightning solutions
  • Event Sound solutions
  • Event Kits’ production
  • Branded Gift production
  • Event Publication production
  • Event Web-site creation, domain registration and post-event follow-up